That’s right- it is you, your company, your task at hand, your need of the hour, your deadlines- that guide us from the beginning, till the culmination of the project. We don’t consider our clients just as ‘business associates’, rather we Co-Partner with you, visualize your growth as ours and treat your success as a feather in our cap.
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Our Services

We provide our clients objective results and solutions customized to client requirements at cost effective prices. With our vast experience of over a decade and wide industry expertise, we are the ideal partners on the journey our customers take to success, the only formula to success is constant innovation and improvement. Market Research plays a predominant role here & is a very important tool that helps to keep pace with changes.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Market Research is the starting point of any marketing exercise. To launch the right product to the right target audience with the right packaging and message at the right time and place- one needs right marketing strategy, which is an output of data, analysis, and research results. And not only at launch stages, MR activities are on-going processes that keep the products/services alive and kicking by helping them adapt to changing time, needs and technology. Therefore, Market Research activities also help you meet the challenges of highly competitive market and keep you in sync with consumers’ pulse.

Our portfolio of market research support services covers the entire expanse of market research and data management domains. Some of the services we offer are:
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  • Process Outsourcing
  • Data Processing Services
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Entry Services
  • Data Conversion Services
  • Open-Ended Research Coding
  • Survey Programming
  • Customized Software Development
  • Data Collection
  • Report Writing
  • Bulk Mailing Service

We have the capability to seamlessly integrate all our activities under well defined methodologies as well as offer them to customers as stand alone services. We also provide training and support on leading MR Software like Quantum or SPSS.

We have consistently believed that “Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known…” and this has paved path for our growth.

Advantages at Swami Raj India Pvt Ltd :

Money Matters: save as high as 40-45% with our economical and flexible pricing policies
Every Second Counts: we value time and therefore we are committed to submit all our deliverables in strict adherence to deadlines.
Quality Mantra: we have access to high-quality research and analytical skill sets to help meet all kinds of research and analysis requirements.
Vast experience of executing many voluminous projects
Strong Quality Assurance Systems in place to achieve an accuracy of over 95%
Competitive pricing
Combination skill sets easily available
Excellent training infrastructure
Prompt Customer Care Service
We are continuously expanding our areas of operation, to provide customers with better services all the time.
A Vital Link For Your Business
"Decisions are data-driven otherwise those are indecisions". And this holds more relevance when we talk about business activities. Link Information Technology aspires to be the same catalyst in your business to aid you firm up your decisions on a data-centric way. And that's why we position ourselves as a vital link for your business.

Resource Base
The resource base of our organisation exists on the twin levels of people and technology. Through continuous investments in technology and quality manpower, we have charted our way to success in the industry. Our team of 45 dedicated and professionally qualified experts include :
Data analysts
Data Entry Operators
Research Associates
This team is made of individuals with years of experience with leading market research organisations. Their expertise and experience is backed by the commitment and dedication to handling the requirements of customers with efficiency.

We provide constant training to our work force to keep them abreast with the latest trends, technologies and methodologies in the industry. It is this rigorous training that makes all our staff well-versed in every field in which the company operates.

Providing Solutions
We understand the importance of research in the decision making process that every business organisation undertakes to achieve desired results. The importance of demographics, psychographics and other allied data also plays vital role in the process. Hence every aspect of our operations- from gathering data to analysis; interviews to discussions, is aimed at providing solutions to our customers. Through these data and research driven solutions, we enable our customers to make successful inroads into their markets.